Monday, 24 December 2012

Channel Map Released for Rise of Flight!!

Without further ado, here is the information hot from the press!

Channel Map & Felixstowe Released. Massive Sale Dec. 24th-30th!

Dear Pilots,
We are proud to present you the version 1.029 of Rise of Flight and congratulate you on the coming holidays. We wish you and your families all the best for the coming year with victories and success in all your endeavours!
For us this year has flown by very quickly and was very rich with developments and progress. In February 2012 we told you about our plans for the year and announced a series of long-term pre-orders that offered to help us achieve our goals. And we are very pleased that today we have successfully completed this experiment. Since then, the project has changed both externally and internally, there is a new logic of weapon synchronizer weapon, new models of weapons, new aircraft, new map, new ocean technology and some cool 3rd party developments which we enjoy seeing.
In this version you can see a new map (if purchased) and new graphical effects such as 3-D water and our first flying boat. You can also find the physics of interaction with the water surface of aircraft, ships and submarines. We’ve also added moorings and hydroplanes bases and, hopefully, many hours of fun flying. The map will be available in the in-game map list or in the mission editor for anyone who pre-ordered the map or buys it in the store after release. Our new flying boat, the Felixstowe F.2A, makes its appearance with its formidable modifications. Two of which add additional members of the crew.
Seaplanes can take off only at special bases that are marked with an anchor and we have added them on both British and French sides. By changing the power of the wind on the channel map, you also change the level of excitement of the waves. Normal take-off is possible only with waves of levels 1-2. Huge waves will damage the plane. Be careful and cautious when landing.
We have tried to make the Channel Map as close to reality as possible with the technology and data available to us. The appearance of the English coast is different from the French coast, which looks very similar to what you might see on the continental map of ROF. We have increased the number of objects on the map and the number of cities and trees, so we recommend that owners of less powerful computers slightly lower quality settings to get better FPS. This situation was unavoidable as the demand for increased detail on the ground is high.
In early 2013, we will continue to work on the implementation of the Channel Map into the Career Mode, which will include new squadrons and new types of missions. This is a big task, but we hope to finish everything quickly and give you the results soon.
To celebrate another successful year and in the spirit of the Holiday Season we have a launched another massive 50% sale in our store from December 24th though December 30th. Everything is on sale except pre-orders and recently released new items. Many new users have joined our ranks the past couple months and now is a great time to fill up your hangar!
We also had an important event occur in this year. Our company has been entrusted with the development of the famous IL-2 Sturmovik series which is devoted to the events of World War II. We are very proud of this opportunity and we hope to succeed in this endeavour. For more information please visit the official site of the new Sturmovik project ( We invite you to register on the new official forum of IL-2 ( and share your opinions about this new product and your love for WWII flight-sims.
As is our tradition, in February 2013 we will announce plans for the next year for Rise of Flight. Our team thanks all those who supported us in the past year, with continued support and attention our mission will continue!

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