Saturday, 28 July 2012

Finally, Microsoft Updates Flight Website

After several days of angry forums and what felt like a lack of honesty, Micrsoft have finally updated the Flight website with some details about the future of Flight.  I will post it here for your perusal.

We know there are a number of questions out there in the community about the discontinuation of development for Microsoft Flight. We wanted to make to be sure to clarify a few things. While we will not be continuing active development, we are committed to keeping Flight available for our community to enjoy. All the content you have paid for is still valid, and the content that is available for sale will continue to be available on

If any further information becomes available for us to share, we will do so. If you do have questions about errors you run into or have gameplay questions;

1. First, check out the following support links; your question may be answered in one of them.

Flight Handbook

Support Documentation

2. Ask the Flight community. We monitor community channels and try to respond there when possible. Other users may also be able to answer your question as well.

Flight Steam Forums

Facebook Page

3. If neither of the above methods helps you find an answer, email us at Tell MS Flight.

Please note: The support alias offers English-language support only, and for Microsoft Flight only (for assistance with FSX and earlier entries in the Flight Simulator franchise, please visit

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