Friday, 27 July 2012

Falcon BMS

Freeware Mod for Falcon 4

Lets start off with what must represent just about the best value for money one can get. Free! That's right, this one costs you absolutely nothing! All you need is the original Falcon 4 disc in order to set it up on your hard drive. History lesson incoming. Falcon 4 was released way way back in 1999. So, you may be asking why would I want to fly something so old with crappy graphics?

Simple, because the team at Falcon BMS have re-written the game engine from the ground up, including updating the graphics, flight model and avionics! It has been dragged bang up to date, and all by a group of dedicated fans. But a word of warning, it is one of the more complicated Combat Flight Simulators, so it may not be suitable for younger flyers, new guys (affectionately termed "Nuggets") or those without patience.

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