Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Microsoft Flight Alaska DLC Released !!

And it's actually great value for money at only $15.00 or £9.99 (ish)

Here follows a bit from the website, I am currently installing and will report back soon with piccies and more!

Continue the Microsoft Flight experience with the Alaskan Wilderness Experience Pack! Fly new challenges and jobs, and locate all-new Aerocaches as you explore over 586,000 square miles of aviation playground. Test your piloting skills against brutal weather and majestic terrain in a basic version of the Cub Crafters Carbon Cub, an iconic bush plane capable of accessing the most demanding locations. For Games for Windows—LIVE users, the Alaskan Wilderness is now available in the in-game Marketplace for 1200 Microsoft Points, and it can be purchased by everyone on The DLC will be available soon on Steam.

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