Monday, 2 July 2012

Quick update on Micrsoft Flight Alaska

Geez, I know Microsoft of all people should support "in house" software, but for Christ's sake ditch the damn Windows Marketplace.  Apart from trying to charge me 3 times for the same item then not letting me download it, the software just sucks and makes it damn hard to do anything.  And why the hell allow people to get Flight on STEAM, and then make them use Marketplace and Live anyway...

Anyway, finally installed and checked out, and guess what, its not bad.

However, there area a couple of turds in the punch bowl.  First off, the new plane is without cockpit...  Whilst you might get a shiny new cub, with Arctic Tundra tires, there is little joy for me flying it in an arcade style 3rd person view.  Perhaps a bigger problem is that there is still NO OTHER TRAFFIC, so the whole of Alaska feels even more empty than usual, and is quite depressing.  Even at the airports, there is just no life whatsoever.

3rd major problem, there just still isn't enough to actually do.  It's all very nice flying around, but the frame rates have taken a bit of a battering as well, leaving me wondering if any FSX style missions are going to arrive any time soon before I loose the will to live.

It is just such a shame as it has great potential, but still feels like a step backwards...

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