Friday, 15 June 2012

Latest update from developers of IL-2 CLiffs of Dover

Taken from the Banana Forums, I am at the point of giving up now after over a year of waiting for this crapola to get patched...  I now seriously doubt I will trust them again and will certainly be waiting before I buy any other products from them.

"Evening gentlemen,

A very short update today. We’re continuing to work on the patch. It’s largely done but DX9 stability remains an issue so we’ve had a quick discussion a few minutes ago and decided to let it simmer a bit longer.
We did make some progress this week. On the graphics front, we did make a lot of improvements on the always troublesome DX9 support, and we also fixed a lot of smaller bugs and made some improvements to the clouds.
On the aircraft front, we’ve done virtually everything we wanted to do, and we’re now working on improving the AI FM, especially focusing on removing controls flicker and the barnstorming maneuvers. Most of this work is, of course, based on the very helpful reports and suggestions from the community.
We’re hoping that we’ll have a playable stable version of the patch ready very soon.

Have a great weekend!"

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