Friday, 18 May 2012

DCS A-10C and Black Shark 2 Update!!! Now available in DCS World

Taken direct from the forums, the latest announcement is below, and it's damned exiting !


A-10C Warthog and Black Shark 2 Beta Modules ( for DCS: World

Open betas of A-10C Warthog ( and Black Shark 2 ( modules for DCS: World are released. Download links can be found at the bottom of the download pages, right before BitTorrent files.

Prior to installing the modules, you must first have DCS World installed. You may download from here:

If you already have DCS World installed, you can update from here:

Please note that the open beta of Black Shark 2 module is only for the standalone version. Serial numbers of the upgrade version will not work. The module of Black Shark 2 upgrade version will be released later after release of the final versions of the modules.

Installation steps:

1- Install DCS World (from P-51 install up update)
2- Install A-10C module
3- Install BS2 full module

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